BWB Church Mission Statement

This church is evangelical. In operation, it follows so far as is practical the pattern of the early New Testament church. The church is autonomous; however, it maintains fellowship with similar churches, which are often referred to collectively as Christian Brethren. There is no central office, organisational headquarters, or controlling body for the churches as a whole, although they co-operate in the support of evangelists, teachers and missionaries in Australia and overseas.

We have no ordained minister or pastor, the teaching and preaching being carried out by competent members of this and other churches who are gifted by the Lord for that purpose. We aim to provide a reliable and continuing program of quality Bible Teaching. The responsibility for government and running rests with the body of elders.

If you have any queries on spiritual matters, the services, personal problems, possible church membership, or the way the church is organised, please feel free to speak with one of the elders.